#SweetEscape : How I miss you, Melbourne

11:17 PM

When I was visiting this country, I felt the friendly and warm atmospheres, clear blue sky, so many trees in the garden and Seagle bird. What a good living in here. No big mall. All kids play around the garden without any gadget. Surprisingly, the Japanese, Thailand, Korean and Chinese foods are sooooo damn good!  

Very cold expression :)

Twelve Apostles

Wagaya Japanese Restaurant -- Very recommended !

Fresh Strawberry only AUD 2 -- oh men, very fresh and cheap!

Happiness is a cup of hot chocolate :)

Monster Size of Chicken Parmigiana hahaha!

What a tasty Pho!

Surely we need this place !

Courtesy by me

Melbourne, 3 - 11 October 2014

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